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United States of America USA Puzzle Pieces Map Working Together 3d Illustration

Protecting democracy in redistricting under the Voting Rights Act

Water flows through irrigation canals on a farm leek onion plantation. Agriculture and agribusiness. Conservation of water resources and reduction pollution. Caring for plants, growing food.

Protecting agricultural resources

Crime, gun carry and use punishment concept. Judge gavel and handgun on lawyer office desk. Wooden courthouse table, close up view

Protecting the community from gun violence

person holding bundle of money

Protecting against financial abuse

orange pill bottles with some spilled

Exposing drug companies’ role in the opioid epidemic

Illustration of a justice concept, balance beam in the center of blue and white circles

Net neutrality - Protecting internet access and freedom of information

Environmental abatement worker hangs lead hazard caution sign

Holding corporations accountable for lead paint that poisons California children in their homes

gavel with words spelling Daca

Supporting DACA and standing up for immigrants’ rights

Statue of liberty

“Sanctuary Jurisdiction” litigation - Defending the County’s funding for choosing to protect its immigrant residents