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Practice areas

Adult and Elder Protection Team

The Adult and Elder Protection team represents and advises the Public Administrator/Guardian in almost 1,000 conservatorship, decedent estate, and trust proceedings each year.

Child and Family Protection Team

The Child and Family Protection team works with the Social Services Agency’s Department of Family and Children’s Services in its efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Civil Rights, Tort, and Employment Litigation Team

The Civil Rights, Tort, and Employment Litigation team represents the County in lawsuits and significant claims filed against the County, its officials or its employees.

Community Protection Team

The Community Protection Team partners with other County departments, as well as other regulatory authorities, to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of County residents.

Education Law Team

The Education Law team counsels the Santa Clara County Office of Education and certain local school districts on various legal issues to support local educational agencies in ensuring legal compliance, preserving resources, and promoting equitable treatment of students, staff, and families.

Environment and Land Use Team

The Environment and Land Use team advises County departments on laws and regulations impacting the environment, land use, sustainability, and transportation within Santa Clara County.

Equal Opportunity and Employment Investigations Team

The Equal Opportunity and Employment Investigations team works closely with, and provides legal advice to, the Equal Opportunity Division in investigations of alleged violations of County policies against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Finance, Government Operations, and Technology Team

The Finance, Government Operations, and Technology team provides essential legal advice to various departments relating to County operations, including procurement, assessments, finance, elections, technology and data security.

Health and Hospitals Team

The Health and Hospitals Team provides legal advice to the County’s health care delivery system on a wide array of issues, such as regulatory compliance, certification and licensing, and health information privacy.

Human Services Team

The Human Services Team provides legal advice to the County’s human services departments that provide benefits and supportive services, including the Office of Supportive Housing and Social Services Agency.

Jail Reform and Custody Operations Team

The Jail Reform and Custody Operations Team provides legal advice and represents the County in matters impacting the County jails.

Labor and Employment Team

The Labor & Employment team advises County departments regarding legal aspects of day-to-day labor and employment matters, including employee discipline, labor-agreement interpretations, and compliance with state and federal laws.

Legislative Affairs Team

The Legislative Affairs Team provides legal advice, guidance, and representation on issues relating to state and federal legislative efforts for the County.

Public Safety and Justice Team

The Public Safety and Justice team advises the County’s criminal justice and emergency response departments on legal issues related to law enforcement, criminal adjudication, juvenile justice, probation, reentry services, and disaster preparedness and response.

Social Justice and Impact Litigation Team

The Social Justice and Impact Litigation team litigates high-impact cases, drafts innovative local policies, and develops new programs to advance the County’s goal of achieving justice for county residents and all Californians.

Workers' Compensation Team

The Workers' Compensation team provides legal services to the Workers' Compensation Division of the Risk Management Department in proceedings related to workers' compensation claims filed by County employees.